Here is something that Windows old timers can rejoice about, the ability to run Windows 95 in all its glory in today’s age and time. And the best thing with the new arrangement is that Windows 95 is now available as an app for Mac and Linux, besides Windows of course.

Also, it’s not an official Microsoft creation for sure. Rather, credit for the development of the new Windows 95 app goes to Slack developer Felix Rieseberg who created and uploaded the app on GitHub. On tap with the new Windows 95 application is a bunch of tools that the old Windows version came to be identified with. Those include WordPad, phone dialler or MS Paint all of which brought about a sea change to the way users perceived computing devices of the time.

Then, of course, there is the Minesweeper as well that kept us drooled over the PCs back during the pre-millennium era. However, the only grouse with the new app is that Internet Explorer isn’t functional yet. The app is unable to load any pages in its present set-up, which is one setback for those who’d like to have a complete nostalgic experience.

Further, the app isn’t one that can burn a hole in user’s systems given that it weighs only about 94.8 MB to 129 MB. The actual size of the app would be dependent on the platform it is installed on. Memory consumption is marginal too, only about 200 MB with all old Windows 95 tools and utilities blazing at full blast.

The new Windows 95 app can also be considered to be just another of a series of instances where the old Windows platform tends to pop up in the most unlikeliest of places and times. The Xbox One is one such device that we never thought would be hosting Windows 95 ever. Then there also is the Apple watch, or Android Wear watches that perhaps are the last devices that anybody ever expected to see the old Windows platform to be ported to.

The latest attempt that continues to keep the Windows 95 version relevant even now can also be a measure of the sheer popularity of the platform back then. Maybe the gen-next won’t be able to identify themselves with Windows 95 though the app can treat the old-timers with a nostalgic journey back to the days when Windows version provided a feel of modern day computing for the first time.


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