Apple has an incentive going for those who are eyeing the upcoming new iPhone range – free 200 GB worth of iCloud storage for two months. The offer applies to subscribers of all the four major telecom operators in the US, namely AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Though not explicitly mentioned but the real intention seems to lure in buyers of the new iPhone devices citing easy and safe means of transferring data.

This way, current iPhone users – or for that matter any other device – will have enough storage at disposal to back up their data. So when the new iPhone arrives, users can download and get along with their new device with the least of fuss. However, the above freebie isn’t without its limitations. For the offer will become chargeable once the offer period expires, provided users canceled the same within the stipulated time. Charges applicable include $2.99 per month for 200 GB of iCloud storage.

Also, the offer does not seem to be one that one can cry hoarse about. That is because Apple is already offering free iCloud storage for a month since May for new subscribers. It’s just that the latest offer has upped the period by another month. That apart, there isn’t anything that can make a flutter in the segment. Also, the offer applies to only new paid iCloud subscribers.

Or maybe the real intention behind the offer is not to promote the new iPhone as people are already crazy for the same anyway. Maybe it’s the other way round, ride on the craze that the iPhone is to bring Apple’s services – read iCloud – to the limelight. And the lure here is to offer a safe and secure environment for data backups to ensure migrating to the new device happens in the most hassle free manner.

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Apple might also be hoping at least some of the users won’t go on to cancel the terms after the two-month free period is over That way, the company will get to have new subscribers of iCloud thanks to the new iPhone hype.


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