A new leaked image of the Apple iPhone 5S has surfaced on the Internet. This time it gives us a glance at the new dual LED flash that will be present on the device. This leaked Apple iPhone 5S image is very similar to the iPhone shown in the two images that were posted by MacRumors some days back.

In one of our recent posts, we discussed about the two leaked images of what MacRumors and its source claim to be the Apple iPhone 5S. If you have already checked it out, you will straight away see the similarity between the previous iPhone 5S image and this one. Both of them have the exact same camera and dual LED flash!

A few days ago, we saw two new iPhone 5S image which gave out a lot of information about the internal hardware arrangement, battery, make etc. This time, we have another iPhone 5S image that almost confirms that the smartphone will have a dual LED flash which will support the new high performance camera of the Apple iPhone 5S.

A source claims that the soon to be released Apple iPhone 5S will have a 13MP primary camera which will be supported by the dual LED flash shown in both the images (the one in the previous post and this one). It has also been said that this updated flash on the Apple iPhone 5S will help improve the performance of the camera and once again put Apple at the top of the smartphone camera list. The source also added saying that ‘one of the lights in this new dual LED flash will have a blue tint that will help maintain the white balance.’

With all that being said, we are now waiting for Apple to officially announce the iPhone 5S. The Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be announced by the end of Q3 or early in Q4. We are also expecting a budget version of the Apple iPhone to be launched at the same time. And thanks to the Apple WWDC event, we already know that both these devices will be running on the latest version of iOS, Apple iOS 7.