The Microsoft Surface event went off in a jiffy, but not before the software giant could bring to light its new generation of Surface devices. However, there aren’t many surprises here, as much of what was expected, was already known, which includes the new Surface pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2. But then, there also was the new Surface Studio 2 as well, as was a Surface headphone too.

Here are the details:

Surface Pro 6: Microsoft is calling its latest Surface Pro device as the Surface Pro 6, which is interesting considering that it chose to refer to its predecessor simply as the Surface Pro and not Pro 5. Nonetheless, the new Surface Pro 6 comes with the same basic looks but has a new identity inside out. That includes the fitment of the latest Intel 8th gen processors. That apart, the convertible now boasts of 13.5 hours of battery life while tipping the scales at 1.7 pounds.

And if all of the above seems too drab to warrant an upgrade, there is the new matte black finish for the tablet as well, one that does make the device look at its alluring best. The range starts with the same 4 GB RAM option with an Intel Core M3 processor being the base option. Prices start at $899.

Surface Laptop 2: Here too the basic external features remain the same though the interior now boasts of an 8th gen Intel processor, something that Microsoft said has made the laptop 85 percent faster than its predecessor. The battery life has also improved to 14.5 hours while the matte black color theme too is applicable for the new Surface Laptop 2 as well.

The keyboard too has been worked upon to ensure typing is a lot more quieter than before. Also, its 8 gigs of memory that the range starts with, with the base price being $999.

Microsoft said they are open to accepting pre-orders for both the devices right away with shipping slated to begin October 16.

Surface Studio 2: Continuing with the theme of launching refreshes to existing devices, there is the new Surface Studio 2 as well which comes with enhanced internals while having the same basic exterior looks. So there is the same 28-inch display though the graphics is now being dealt by the NVIDIA’s GTX 1070 processor which Microsoft claimed will contribute to 50 percent better graphics performance. That apart, basic processing is now accomplished by 7th Gen Intel 7820HQ chip.

Microsoft also said the new Studio 2 will have 38 percent better brightness and 22 percent more contrast. Also, the Studio 2 is finally complaint with the new Surface Pen with its tilt functionality, something that was long being demanded by the professionals. Plus, there is a new USB-C port at the rear as well. Pre-orders are currently being accepted for the $3,500 device with deliveries expected around mid-November.

Surface Headphones: Coming to the unexpected part, the Surface Headphone took everyone by surprise. The wireless Bluetooth headphones too aren’t one to be taken lightly given that it is Cortana enabled, which means notifications will be spelled out right into the user’s ears. Further, the Surface Headphone also boasts of 4-beam forming mics and noise cancellation technologies to allow for a truly immersive experience. No shipping dates are available as yet though we know it is going to be priced $350.

Surface All Access: This isn’t any new hardware that the company came up with. Rather, the Surface All Access refers to a means of owning the new range of Surface devices. With prices starting at $25 a month, one will have the option to finance their purchase of any Surface device along with a choice of accessories. The plan also covers attractive software bundles as well and is spread over a 2-year period.

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The party does not end here as Microsoft also announced the official launch of its Windows 10 October 2018 Update. The roll-out though begins October 9.


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