Apple might have hit upon a new technology that will allow it to deal with the menace of spam calls. Of course, there isn’t much that is known about the new tech that Apple has the patent for, though it seems, it has something to do with the technical data related to the calls that the tech will be working on to determine the legitimacy of the same.

With the technical details of every incoming call, the feature will try to ascertain if those are masked calls or internet calls that might have been forwarded to seem like an original. With the call identified as a spam, the system should have a feature to let the user know of the status of the call and advice accordingly, whether it should be ignored or accepted and such.

Also, with Apple having got the patent for the spam identifying tech, it should be a matter of time before it starts appearing on iPhone devices. But then having got the patent can never be a sure shot reason of the tech starting to appear on just the next iPhone model. That said, the fight against spam calls – or for that matter, spam everything including spam emails – happens to be a universal one which every tech company is already waging a war against. That makes it a high probability for the Apple anti-spam call tech to feature on iPhone devices sooner or later.

However, while Apple might just have started with the process of identifying spam calls, competitor Google has a significant lead on this, having already implemented the tech on its Pixel phones. In fact, the Mountain View company has also gone a step ahead and put in place an advanced version of its anti-spam tech on the latest Pixel 3 smartphones that enabled Google Assistant to not only identify the questionable calls but can also answer those on behalf of the user, besides blocking the number as a spam as well.

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Unfortunately, the iPhone lacks any such system so far while it also remains to be seen if the proposed Apple tech can prove to be as advanced as that of Google.


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