Here is more reason to buy the Xbox One this holiday season. Not only has the company reduced prices of the Xbox One X consoles, games too are being provided a generous discount up to a max of 75 percent in some cases. What’s more, the discount applies to several bestselling titles with up to 500 games benefitting from the price cut.

Members of Xbox Live Gold are in for an additional treat as Microsoft announced they would be able to access the deal earlier than others. In fact, they already have access to the deals starting today and until Nov. 30. For the rest, the deals would start from Nov. 19. However, for those not members of Xbox Gold, the discount will top off at 65 percent.

There is lots to cheer for those still holding on to the Xbox 360 devices what with 154 of the 500 discounted titles being exclusive Xbox 360 titles. That said, the games are backward compatible, which means those can be played on older consoles as well. Further, some of the titles have also been upgraded to be compatible with the latest Xbox One X as well, which means plenty to gain for buyers of the latest console.

The deal is especially lucrative considering that the discount applies to some of the most recent titles as well. For instance, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 are both included in the discount package even though they are still new. Then there are titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider or FIFA 19 with both getting a discount of 50 percent.

Non-members who might be tempted to join the discount party right away can do so easily as Microsoft is also offering the first-month subscription for only $1. In fact, the offer is open till Jan. 3, which means plenty of time to make up one’s mind.

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Meanwhile, the console prices to have hit a downward spiral with the latest Xbox One X now selling for $399 while the Xbox One S is priced just $199.


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