Google’s Duplex AI is finally out of the wild and ready for some prime-time action, albeit on a very limited scale. The limitations are applicable for both its area of operation as well as its scope.

Google has also confirmed they have intentionally gone for a limited roll-out to ensure users get used to the conversational AI tool in a seamless manner. The rollout is also applicable to the only Pixel 3 owners at the moment and that too to a select few users. That is not all as the AI tool will only be available in a select few cities in the US, which includes Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco.

For those who are fortunate to be part of the exalted company still, have too little to do with Duplex AI considering that it can only reserve seats in restaurants at the moment. Getting the desired seats and at the preferred time can still be a chore though. If that is not enough, not all restaurants are accepting reservations via Duplex. As such, there still is the need for a human to intervene to ensure there are no nasty surprises springing up later on.

Google has been testing the conversational Duplex AI for quite some time now which it claimed can replace real humans on some mundane tasks. That includes booking a cab or reserving a seat at the restaurants. In fact, the possibilities can be endless though it will be interesting to see how things pan out here.

What is also important for Duplex AI, or for that matter AI tool of its type, to succeed is that it would require the equal participation of the industry as well. For instance, for users to really have the convenience of getting Duplex AI to reserve a seat at the restaurant, the specific outlet too should be ready to deal with such instances.

That not only would require them to be equipped with the right hardware and software, there might also be the need to introduce changes in their operational policies to make bookings via AI tools acceptable.

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In any case, this might just be the beginning of a new era where AI tools such as Google’s Duplex take over much of human’s tasks in the real world.

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