Not to be outdone by the retailers, the carriers too have lined up their own deals to cash in on the Black Friday shopping craze. And that includes lucrative offers and deals from AT&T that buyers shouldn’t miss out on if not to lament later on.

The carrier is offering a smartphone entirely free to anyone opting to buy one provided both the smartphones subscribe to AT&T Next with wireless. AT&T is also offering the new iPhone XR for an outright down payment of $749.99 or a monthly installment plan amounting to $25.

AT&T iPhone XS Buy One Get One offer

There is also a nice offer for those opting for the new Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ wherein buying the first handset will entitle the buyer to get a brand-new Galaxy Note 9 at a discount of $750. There is a catch though; both the handsets have to be bought on AT&T Next plus besides also agreeing to wireless charges of a minimum of $80 per month taking both handsets into account. That is not all as there also is a $200 credit offer as well for those willing to trade in eligible devices.

AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Buy One Get One offer

Then there also is the iPhone 6S 32 GB model that can be bought for a monthly fee of just $5 though the purchase has to be made on AT&T Next with wireless. Several pre-paid phones including the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE are also eligible for a $50 discount if purchased on AT&T Next with wireless.

AT&T Black Friday 2018 deals on all iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7

There are some cool offers with mid-range phones as well such as the LG K30, Moto G6, Samsung Galaxy J3, or Samsung Galaxy J7 all of which are available for free when bought on AT&T Next with wireless.

Free smartphone deals on AT&T Next

Apart from smartphones, the carrier is also offering a flat $50 discount on the Google Home smart speaker while the Orbi Home Wi-Fi system too qualifies for a $70 rebate.

Here are all of the top AT&T’s Black Friday 2018 cell phones deals

Also, the party is yet to begin, which means there are likely to be more deals announced in the meantime.


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