Verizon has come up with its Black Friday 2018 deals and not surprisingly, there are discounts galore on some of the most sought-after devices. Be it the latest smartphones and tablets, there sure is something for almost everyone.

Here are some of the top deals on offer from Verizon for Black Friday 2018.

There is a massive $400 discount on some of the best flagship phones of the year. Those include the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, Galaxy Note 9 and the LG V40. The deal does not require buyers to trade in their current smartphones. The deal will, however, be active for only a day as it starts on Thursday and ends on Friday.

Then there also is another deal wherein users can avail a $200 price cut on any Android phones other than those mentioned above and which costs on the other side of $400. The deal also does not require any trade-in and will be active from Thursday till Sunday.

Those looking for an Apple phone can avail of the $400 discount available on iPhone XS. However, like the deal applicable to top-tier Android phones, the iPhone X will be available on the discounted price starting Thursday and only till Friday.

Those who miss the above deadline too are in luck as there would still be a $200 discount applicable to the iPhone X, with the deal starting on Saturday and will be active till Sunday. Both the iPhone X deal does not require any trade-in.

There is also something for those opting to buy the latest crop of iPhone devices. For every iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone Max carry a discount of $300 provided buyers agree to add a new line on a payment plan. Or for those who wish to upgrade from their current smartphone, there also is a $100 discount on offer but will require users to trade-in their current handsets. The deal starts Thursday and will last till Sunday.

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There is an iPad for the taking for anyone opting to buy an iPhone. The iPad on offer is the 32 GB 6th gen model and will cost just $99.99 for a two-year contract. The deal will only be available from Thursday and till Friday.

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There also is a $150 price cut available on a Palm device. The scheme is applicable for devices bought on a two-year contract though the deal will only be active from Thursday till Friday.

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Plus, there is a new Asus ZenFone V on offer for anyone switching over to Verizon or who adds a new line.


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