After Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2018 can be a great excuse to jump on to the smartwatch bandwagon. Most of fitness enthusiasts want good activity tracker and heart rate monitor. If the excellent features that the new gen smartwatch devices such as Apple Watch 4, Fitbit Versa or Samsung Galaxy Watch have come to portray aren’t enough, the huge discounts that each is available for at the moment itself can be a great motivator to buy any of these.

Presented here is a comparison of the best deals currently available on the Apple Watch 4, Fitbit Versa or Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Fitbit Versa: One of the biggest advantages with the Fitbit Versa is that it comes with a great battery life, one that will last days on end. Also, unlike any of the other two smartwatch devices in contention here, it isn’t tied to a particular platform, compliant as it is with both Android and iOS. That square layout is both comfortable on the eyes as well as on the wrist. The color touchscreen will let users view info easily while there also is the heart rate sensor to ensure buyers heart is in perfect shape.

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As for its price, the Fitbit Versa can be picked up from Amazon for just $149, which is $50 less than its regular price. At this price, it is must have smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch: Running Samsung’s own Tizen operating system, the new Galaxy Watch is a great smartwatch to buy and own in 2018, or maybe years after that. It also is one of the best looking smartwatches money can buy this year. That again has to do with its neat circular design complete with a bezel that can be rotated to suite the many functionalities it supports. The smartwatch can also be used completely independent of the phone and can track more than 35 user activities including sleep, heart beat, stress and so on.

Coming to its price, the Galaxy Wear can be bought for $260 from Samsung, which is $70 less than its regular price.

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Apple Watch: Unfortunately, there are no discounts available on the latest Series 4 Apple Watch. Instead, buyers will have to remain contended with only the Apple Watch Series 3 which again is quite a capable device in its own right. In fact, it comes with much the same features as its successor save for the EKG feature present on Series 4.

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The Series 3 smartwatch also comes to enough sensors to ensure users are in perfect shape all year round, including heart rate sensor that will send alarm bells ringing if the rate is too low or high. For its price, the Apple Watch Series 3 is available from Amazon for $219. This is best apple watch deal that one can grab on Cyber Monday 2018.


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