Microsoft will officially launch the web version of Xbox Music next week. This will allow users to stream their favorite songs using any web browser and any operating system.

Xbox Music service was announced back in October 2012, with its availability set only for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox 360. The web version will be accessible at, similar to Spotify.

Microsoft didn’t mention the exact day, but a spokesperson confirmed the arrival of the web Xbox Music within the next week. It is also expected that a preview of the service will be shown tonight at the BUILD 2013 conference in San Francisco. Xbox Music page confirmed the existence of the web service with a phrase “Now available on the web”.

The layout of the web version of the service is very similar to the Xbox Music app for Windows 8, which was updated two days ago. The user interface consists of two main panels that allow users to speed up search and music collection display. In the left column, there is a text box for the search and buttons for accessing the catalog (albums, artists and songs) to the playlists, videos and creating playlists. Similar to the Modern apps, the playback controls are placed at the bottom of the screen.

The Xbox Music service allows free listening of tracks for 10 hours/month after the first six months. For unlimited streaming and downloading, you can also obtain a 30-day Music Pass trial, the trail continues to a paid monthly subscription at $9.99 per month. You can also purchase a year pass at $99.90.