Verizon has added a new reason to go for its unlimited data plans – free access to Apple Music. This is applicable to some of its more pricier unlimited data plans – Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited. The scheme will be available to both new and existing customers and will come into effect starting Jan. 17.

This would effectively mean subscribers of the above-mentioned plans will get $9.99 worth of monthly Apple Music plan completely free. This applies to both iOS and Android users given that Apple Music is accessible on both the platform. This will be on top of the other Verizon scheme where the carrier offers free access to Apple Music for six months to all its subscribers though the same cancel out post the expiry of the said term.

However, subscribers of Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans will continue to have access to Apple Music with no time restriction applicable to them. All of this can be considered to be the fall out of the agreement between Verizon and Apple since last year.

The Beyond Unlimited and Above Unlimited plans normally costs $50 and $60 per month respectively though subscribers can look forward to a saving of $9.99 every month in lieu of Apple Music charges henceforth if they have already been members of Apple Music so far. In fact, charges of the two top-tiered unlimited plans are more than mentioned above given that additional taxes and other fees too are applicable on it.

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Verizon has also said in its marketing documentation prices of the above plans would remain unchanged though skeptics are of the opinion that might not be the case for long. In fact, Verizon might go for an increase in its top tier unlimited data plans and use the free access to Apple Music as a bait to lure in customers. It remains to be seen if that is how things pan out in the coming days and weeks.


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