Good news for Android gamers! The OUYA Android game console is now available for purchase in a store near you. Starting from today, the OUYA Android game console will be available in stores for a price of $99.99, for which you will get the console along with one controller.

With a price tag of $99.99, the OUYA Android Game console is definitely a device to look out for. However, don’t forget that you only get one controller for the price of $99.99, and you can buy another one separately for a price of $49.99. OUYA, which started on Kickstarter has now launched its small box shaped game console into the international markets.

The console is available for purchase in a number of countries, which include Canada and the United Kingdom. The OUYA game console will allow consumers to play some ‘original games’ and is a good ‘fun’ alternative for consumers who already own high-end consoles like the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Xbox 360. Even though one can’t compare the OUYA game console with any of these high-end consoles, there is a fun factor that will always be ready to welcome you.

Apart from actually playing a lot of games on the OUYA, the console can also be purchased in order to expand your collection of gaming consoles. And if you are interested in playing games and spending time on the OUYA, you will get 150 games at start, which you can try out for free. The console also features music and video streaming through different apps like VEVO, iheartradio and Twitch.TV.

Finally, if you have made up your mind, you can go ahead and buy this console at any of the major retail store chains like Best Buy, Target and Amazon. Those who want to find out more about this console and purchase it directly from the manufacturer can visit the OUYA shop.


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