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Instagram coming on BlackBerry & Windows Phone, later on Google Glass


Recent events almost confirm that Instagram will be available for BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. And following the release on these two major platforms, the popular social sharing app will also make its way to Google Glass.

In an interview, the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom said that interesting developments are on the way. These developments will increase the scope and reach of Instagram, making the app available on all major mobile platforms including BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Systrom also said that Instagram might first come to BlackBerry and Windows, after which it will be available on Google Glass.
“We’re not yet on BlackBerry or Windows Phone, so I think those will come before Google Glass,” he said.

So it does mean that a lot of development work is in progress, but for those who are already excited about this, you also need to know that Instagram might not be available on new mobile platforms right away.

And explaining this point, Systrom said:

“I’m not saying those will come anytime soon. I’m just saying that in order of priority, the way we evaluate where to expand to is really simply where our users are, and where the growth is. It took us a very long time to get to Android.”

And for those who are not familiar with the time frame, it took almost 2 years for Instagram to come to Android since the app was launched on the iOS platform. Now with this kind of time frame in mind, consider the amount of work that Instagram will have to do in order to bring the app to two different mobile platforms – BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

The interesting point here is that even though Facebook has taken over Instagram, the two social giants seem to be working in their own ways. Facebook has been working hard to bring its service to Google Glass, which at least at the beginning will attract very few consumers most importantly because of the price factor. Instagram has decided to focus on platforms where they have most of their potential consumers.

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