Photo sharing site 500px said they just discovered their security has been compromised, leading to loss of user’s data and other information. Also, while the breach might have come to light only now, or Feb. 8 to be precise, it’s something that happened last year, or specifically July 5, 2018.

That translates to all users who have registered before that date risk having their details stolen. As an immediate remedial step, 500px is advising all such users to change their passwords right away. Interestingly, it was only on July 1 last year that 500px had decided to close its Marketplace feature wherein registered users had the option to sell their images right from within site itself.

Coming back to the breach, 500px has confirmed details such as first and last names, birth date along with the email address used to register at the site have been stolen. The hackers also had access to the username and hashed passwords along with other pieces of info such as the gender of the user, their city or state/ country of residence and so on if they had provided such info at the time of registering.

Fortunately, that seems all that has been accessed by the hackers, which means the credit card or other billing information remained out of bounds for them. Similarly, user’s profiles too seemed to have remained untouched as well. For users who have logged in after July 5, 2018, need not be too worried either even though they too would do well to have their passwords changed as a precautionary measure.

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The company meanwhile has also stated they have started with all that needs to be done post a security breach. That includes roping in security experts to investigate the hack. Similarly, an internal assessment is also underway right at the stage of the source codes to find out how unauthorized access happened or how it can be prevented in the future. The photo-sharing site has also promised to have its security infrastructure upgraded thoroughly to prevent any such breach in the future.


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