Privacy is something that we all are entitled to, either online or in real life. At least, that is how things should be. It’s like having a space in this big bad world that someone can call their own, their little world within the world outside where they are free to do things their way, be and act the way they’d wish to.

Also, one reason that personalized zone is private is because it has minimum chances of being intruded by anyone the person does not trust. From an online perspective, the same has huge economic ramifications too, apart from the usual social causes associated with privacy.

The economic reasons one should be wary of risks to privacy has to do with the fact that most of our monetary transactions take place online, which includes banking, shopping online, sending or receiving money and so on. All this when there is almost an incessant risk of our devices – laptop, mobiles, tablets – getting hacked or affected by virus or malware infection.

This is where the means and methods to keep our online presence safe and secure comes into relevance. Also, there is no dearth of ways to keep our devices secure though there is one method that is preferred the most when it comes to preventing data theft and securing privacy – Virtual Private Networks or VPN for short.

The reason VPN is considered among the safest options when it comes to preventing loss of data is because it encrypts all our online activities. This is on top of the encryption already provided when using an https connection. This makes for twin layers of security when visiting banking sites that already get https coverage.

Another reason VPNs are safe is that it encrypts our IP addresses as well, which means the sites won’t have an idea of where the request originated from. This way, users have the perfect means to mask their actual location and can even pose to be in a different country altogether.

So anyone eager to eavesdrop on an active internet connection with the intent to steal important financial info like banking data, credit card information and so on will have to decrypt the files first. This again isn’t the easiest of things to do if not overly impossible. This way, users can vastly minimize the risk of any of their online information getting stolen or tampered with.

So if the above reasons are strong enough to lure anyone to opt for a VPN service to enhance their security online, here is a list of the best 5 such services in the US.

1. ExpressVPN: This happens to be one of the best VPN services one can opt for, and there are enough reasons for the same as well. For the service allows for a breezy browsing experience while keeping the identity of the user covered. There aren’t any caps or limits too which makes for the most hassle-free browsing.

2. NordVPN: This happens to be another reliable VPN service that does a great job at keeping the user’s online identity completely private. This, while allowing for easy access to the internet sans any of the restrictions.

3. Surfshark: Here is something that should suffice the needs of anyone who is looking for a great VPN service but at affordable rates. Then there also is the added benefit of the VPN being compatible with all devices as well.

4. CyberGhost: This is another great VPN service that one can opt for, one that allows for complete privacy as well as security. Plus, there also is the usual benefit of a fast and reliable internet connection as well.

5. IPVanish: This is simply great for those who do a lot of torrenting or for P2P traffic. Plus, rates are affordable too.