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Tik Tok banned in India though current users can use the app


The Indian government has asked Google and Apple to ban the controversial app Tik Tok from their respective app stores. This comes on the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the ban imposed on the app by the Madras High Court.

The Ministry of electronics and Information Technology has however directed Apple and Google to ensure the app is not available to download henceforth on any device in India. That means fresh downloads of the app is being stopped though those who already have the app installed on their devices can continue to use them. Apart from asking the government to ban the app, the High Court has also asked media firms to withhold streaming the videos made using Tik Tok.

ByteDance, the Chinese firm that currently owns the app has expressed disappointment over the development. The company also said the ban is quite akin to preventing the people from exercising their right to freedom of speech, one of the fundamental rights enshrined in the Indian constitution.

ByteDance also said the platform itself can’t be blamed for the manner it is being used by its members. It also said their functioning was similar to any social media app, which makes the ban only on Tik Tok to be discriminatory.

As for reasons, the judiciary found fault with the app in spite of its immense popularity is because it has been found to be potentially extremely dangerous for children and teen, the very same group that swears by the app. Judges said the app can well be misused by individuals for bullying teens or coercing them to make sexually explicit videos.

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The above is also the reason the app has come under suspicion in other parts of the world as well. Countries that too are considering banning Tik Tok include the US, UK, Hong Kong, Indonesia and such. The Supreme Court in India meanwhile has set April 22 as the next date for hearing the case.

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