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Samsung Galaxy View 2 with integrated AT&T LTE support announced at $740


Oblivious to many, Samsung had a mega-tablet on offer in the form of the Galaxy View. And now the company has come up with a sequel to the same in the form of the View 2.

The new Galaxy View 2 continues with the family lineage in being huge though by a lesser margin. The View 2 offers 17.3-inch of full HD display compared to the 18.3-inch panel that the first gen View came with. Powering the device is an octa-core Exynos 7884 chipset coupled to a 3 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, all of which typically is mid-range stuff and does not match the ginormous size of the tablet. Fortunately, the storage is expandable to a sizeable 400 GB.

The rest of the specs include a 5 mp front facing camera along with a mammoth 12,000 mAh battery. Now that’s something that goes well with the tablet’s size and is more than a two-fold increase over the 5700mAh battery that the first gen View came with.

Another notable aspect with View 2 is its Dolby Atmos audio. That again points to the tablet’s positioning as a media consumption device. In fact, with that much of screen real estate on offer, the View 2 can well be considered a mobile TV of sorts that can also double up as a tablet rather than being a pure tablet serving any practical purpose. The built-in kickstands further reinforce the above.

Also, with View 2 being exclusive to AT&T, the device also comes integrated with LTE support. This also brings us to one of the biggest reasons AT&T would like us to buy the View 2, for getting access to the carrier’s streaming services such as DirecTV Now. In any case, the View 2 also supports AT&T’s NumberSync feature that would enable the View 2 to be used as a speakerphone sort of a thing, albeit of huge proportions.

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As for its pricing, that comes to $740, which is considerably higher than the around $600 that the View initially came to be priced at. In fact, the View is now selling for $570 at Amazon right now, which makes the new View 2 more than a hundred bucks costlier. The carrier is offering a 20-month plan where one will need to pay a monthly instalment of $37. Availability starts April 26th.


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