Since you’ve arrived here, it’s assumable that you’ve already ventured Microsoft 70-740 certification test, as your aim is to become MCSA Windows Server 2016 certified. If that first exam taught you how to install, store, and compute, the next 70-741 exam will give you the opportunity to learn how to implement a series of functionalities and networking features.

Consequently, the topics that will be covered on this exam will be this time’s discussion—a pivotal stride forward to earning the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential. prepaway.comthe topics that will be covered on this exam will be this time’s discussion—a pivotal stride forward to earning the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) credential. has prepared a detailed guide on 70-741 test for the candidates who are interested in passing it on the first try. Read on to learn more.

Exam Objectives

Like ripples of water, the topics covered in 70-741 will act as supplements in the next exam, which is 70-742, the same as how the previous exam, 70-740, will help in your understanding of this exam. Likewise, all of these topics are essential in attaining a professional execution of the roles Associate, Expert, and Master. Dissect the topics one after the other until you arrive at a comprehensive understanding of each.

  • Domain Name System

There are two main points that you need to focus on this topic. You must learn how to install and configure DNS servers and at the same time create and configure DNS zones and records. Additionally, you must execute a successful configuration of the following important items. To name a few are recursion settings, unknown record support, forwarders, Zone Scopes, DNS logging, DNS Socket Pool, Root Hints, DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) and global settings.

  • DHCP and IPAM

Three main things require your time and effort here—installing and configuring DHCP; managing and maintaining DHCP; implementing and maintaining IP Address Management. There must be a fundamental knowledge on configuring a lease period, troubleshooting DHCP, handling DNS zones and records, auditing the IPAM address usage trail and executing DHCP server migration and so forth.

  • Network Connectivity and Remote Access Solutions

There are several details that you need to pay attention to in studying this exam, which will basically have something to do with implementing network connectivity solutions, Network Policy Server and virtual private network and DirectAccess solutions. Under this topic includes the configuration of a RADIUS server, which would range from its accounting, clients, and proxy, among others. Also among the things you also need to learn is how to properly implement Network Address Translation, server requirements and remote access and site-to-site (S2S) VPN solutions through the use of remote access gateway.

  • Core and Distributed Network Solutions

Configuring IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, Border Gateway Protocol, IPv4 or IPv6 subnetting, along with IPv4 and IPv6 routing are the other main things you must dedicate your preparation too. Aside from that, educating yourself in implementing IPv6 stateless addressing as well as in Distributed File System and Branch Office Solutions are few of the lists of areas you should take time to practice. Other than these, you must also expect to encounter questions that will test your knowledge and skills in configuring Remote Differential Compression settings, fault tolerance, replication scheduling, staging, and BranchCache.

  • Advanced Network Infrastructure

In this domain, you are required to study how to effectively implement file performance network solutions, which includes the Switch Embedded Teaming and the NIC Teaming, among others. You must show expertise in configuring Receive Side Scaling, SMB Multichannel, Single-Root I/O Virtualization and more. On top of that, you must be skillful in determining scenarios and requirements for implementing Software Defined Networking. This includes the implementation of Hyper-V Network Virtualization, Software Load Balancer, and others.

Prepaway Checklist: Study Materials in Preparation for the Exam

Now that you’ve learned where to direct your shots, you now need a vehicle to help execute your goals. These materials are crafted by trained IT professionals who are willing to train you. Either you pick just one of these or you use all successively—getting the right training and education for your exam will be extremely helpful. Compiled below is a list of materials you can use for your 70-741 preparation.

  • MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide for Exam 70-741

William Panek’s study guide prepares you to gain your MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification in one seating. Passing the test in a single take is possible through the author’s all-embracing materials, whereby five chapters required for the exam are encompassed. As promised in the book, you will gain the necessary knowledge and hands-on skills needed in passing the exam and in verifying your certification in the coming years. Besides, the hands-on study guide will also enable you to access various electronic flashcards and practice exams.

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

Getting trained by one of the most valuable resources will help accelerate your knowledge and skill set. Offered by Microsoft, this material will provide you with videos and hands-on training ideal for your technical improvement. Upon access to this resource, you will find a detailed representation of the objectives and content of the certification exam, together with the videos to fully boost your preparation of 70-741.

  • Exam Ref 70-741: Networking Windows Server 2016

Accessing a book made by Microsoft professionals elevates your understanding of the Microsoft exam. There’s nothing more helpful than knowing you’re studying the footsteps taken by the sages of your field. This book is a great reference to attain mastery in the MCSA level while aiming for other higher level certifications.

  • 70-741 Premium Bundle from Prepaway

Some materials are only meant to help you for the exam, where afterward, you’re left to face everything on your own. But this material offered by Prepaway is far from one. What is being sharpened here is your enterprise skills where you can apply everything you’ve learned in your future job. Through its 57 video lectures and a collection of practice questions, it does not only guarantee bookish learning but real-world training fit for the industry.

You can get the 70-741 premium bundle, that includes 231 questions and answers, 57 video lectures and a study guide. In addition, Prepaway offers you to get unlimited access to all premium files for 12 months! For that, you’ll get real exam questions with answers checked by IT experts, you will be kept informed about the latest updates, thus having a chance to get the latest pool of questions. Check this online platform to grab this good bargain.


Study smarter and let this list help you be attuned with your goals. Consider this as a guide to help you monitor your understanding of 70-741 exam and assess the areas that you need to pour more attention. And most importantly, let these topics and materials become the instrument of your success at 70-741 exam, as well as a future Microsoft certified professional!


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