WhatsApp has been hacked and the company is urging all its users across all platforms to update their app as a possible antidote to nullify the bug. The bug which is being suspected to be the handiwork of the Israeli cyber security firm NSO Group can infiltrate any device simply by calling it. And it does not even require the user to answer the call for the bug to get planted on the device.

However, in the unfortunate scenario of the bug infiltrating a device, it is believed to be capable of tracking calls and text messages along with other info such as images and videos. It might even activate the camera and spy on the user and their surroundings as well. In fact, it is not even known for sure the sort of things it might be up to once it gets planted in a device.

WhatsApp also said the bug take takes advantage of a vulnerability to hack into a device. It’s not known for sure yet how many have already been affected though anyone who might have received a voice call from an unknown number do have reasons to be worried. They are advised to update the WhatsApp installation on their device or might even consider uninstalling the app entirely in the worst-case scenario.

The call to update WhatsApp is equally applicable to all devices that use the messaging service. What that means is users of the app’s iPhone version too are urged to update immediately. Windows users are also advised to keep their devices updated via Windows Update. This applies to Windows 10 devices as well that have WhatsApp Desktop installed.

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However, there is no update available as yet for WhatsApp desktop, with the version no. showing 0.3.2386.
Meanwhile, WhatsApp has pushed an update for Windows Phone users that bumps the version no. to 2.18.346. Also, this likely will be the last update for WhatsApp application for Windows Phone users as the company has already notified they are exiting the beleaguered platform for good by the end of this year itself.


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