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Best Father’s Day tech gift ideas for our doting dads


Father’s Day is just around the corner. While even the entire year, or shall we say an entire lifetime can’t be enough to express our gratitude for our father, there nevertheless is a special day where we can shower all the love for that one special person in our lives, the one man who shaped us to be what we are right now.

Accordingly, mentioned here are a few gift ideas from the tech domain that can make for a great Father’s Day gift idea.

1. Hercules Tuff Charging Station Organizer for Multiple Devices:

Here is something that can’t go wrong with the tech inclined father. With multiple devices such as tablets and smartphones now becoming common in most households, charging them all is often a huge chore. Not anymore with the Hercules Tuff charging station that can play host to six different devices at one go. It comes with four Lighting cables, 1 micro USB cable along with a single Type C cable. That means buyers can charge four Apple devices and two Android devices at one go.

2. Anker Smart Portable Wi-Fi Mini Projector:

The Projector features advanced IntelliBright algorithms from DLP which results in the picture it projects being incredibly vivid and bright. Anker is promising a brightness of 100 ANSI lumens which should be enough for some wholesome home entertainment. The device also features a sleek aluminium body that makes it sleek yet portable. The Android 7.1 based projector also comes with a 360-degree omnidirectional speaker that can pump out sound along every direction to fill the entire room. All of it makes it an ideal gift for the father who is also a movie buff.

3. OMORC XL Air Fryer:

The air fryer is for the dad who is also a health freak and a foodie at the same time. The fryer boasts of FDA certification and is made entirely of toxin-free materials. That is on top of the usual benefits a fryer stands for, which includes oil free cooking which makes it just ideal for those advancing in age. It’s easy to operate too and fully dishwasher compliant, making its maintenance easy too. Operating is a breeze too with a single knob operation and touch controls. Then there is an auto shut-off feature as well, which makes it just ideal for the forgetful dads.

4. Garmin Approach S20:

There can’t be a better gift than the Garmin Approach S20 for those who are golf addicts. The smartwatch comes with everything that can make playing golf all the more exciting and fun. That includes around analyser that can measure the distance of the shot besides also automatically recording post-round analysis on the Garmin Connect account. It also comes with sensors to help improve swing consistency. Then there are other ways it can help the user remain fit. That includes keeping a tab on calories burned along with step and sleep tracker and such. Then there is a stat tracking feature as well that will keep track of the game as well which includes putts per round, greens in regulation, fairways hit and so on.

5. iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker:

Here is something that the music buffs will love to have and will serve as a nice accompaniment during shower time. Needless to say, it’s entirely waterproof and comes with a strong suction cup that ensures it remains planted to the surface where it is placed. A single charge allows for 10 hours of playback time. Connecting via Bluetooth is a breeze too while a 33-feet operating distance will allow for flawless performance in almost any environment. Plus, it’s easy to operate too, with the buttons discernible even while in shower.

6. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker:

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is the perfect gift for those who are a fitness freak. And it lives up to its naming given the plethora of sensors that it comes packed with. Those include real-time heart rate monitoring along with steps and distance counter. It can also calculate how much calories have been burned besides keeping a tab on sleep status. It also comes with 14 exercise modes as well which can help users tweak their movements for the best results each time. It can connect to the smartphone as well and will display social media notifications, receive calls and so on.

7. ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder:

The device uses sonar technology to detect fish, thereby helping users to zero into those areas that have the highest probability of making a successful catch. Once deployed, it can relay signals to an Android or iOS smartphone. The company is claiming accuracy in detecting fishes up to a depth of 135 feet. That apart, the device also comes with more than 10 hours of battery life, which should be enough to last a fishing session. Apart from fishing, it can also relay information about the waterbody itself, which includes depth or contour mapping and so on.

8. Tire Pressure Gauge:

Made of die-cast metal, the digital tire pressure is designed to last a lifetime or more. With a single switch to deal with, it’s easy to operate as well while the back-lit LED display to allow for day and night operations with perfect ease. It allows for pressure measurement in four scales – 150PSI | 1000kPA | 10 Bar | 10 kg/cm2, which makes it suitable for operation in almost all regions. The results are accurate too and will help users have the best of ride comfort and fuel efficiency by maintaining the optimum tire pressure at all times. Overall, it makes for a great gift idea for those who travel a lot.

9. GBD Smart Watch:

The sports watch with the 1.22-inch round face looks really cool while the sturdy steel construction makes it quite durable too. Plus it comes with all the usual bits associated with smartwatches. Those include heart rate, blood pressure and sleep monitoring. It comes with a pedometer too and can calculate the calories burned. Plus there is a sedentary remind function as well which will prod users to get into some activity to beat laziness. Also, it can connect to a smartphone as well and will display the phone notifications on the watch face itself.

10. Puncia 12V Electric Travel Coffee Mug:

It is perfect for those who travel a lot but isn’t ready to give up on their coffee addiction just yet. It can connect to a 12 V outlet as in a car and will keep the coffee warm. In fact, users can choose the temp which ranges from 10 degrees to 90 degree Centigrade. Its got a temp display too. It is easy to operate and is perfectly hygienic, not to mention its ease of maintenance.


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