Father’s Day is here and it is one day none perhaps would mind showering their best for their doting dads. After all, he is that one person in all of our lives who matters the most to us. Fortunately, there also are a lot of ways we can express our undying love for your fathers, stuff that would serve to be a reminder of our love but won’t cost us a bank either.

Also, for those who might have missed out on buying the gifts on time, or aren’t sure what exactly they can buy that would also be affordable as well, here is a list of things that fits the bills and is almost sure to be liked by the dads as well.

1. All new Kindle + Kindle Unlimited: One can never go wrong with the Kindle. And Amazon has really done an amazing job with the all-new 2019 Kindle device. The glare-free display also comes with a front adjustable light, which makes reading off it extremely comforting to the eyes. Not to mention, battery life stretches to weeks and months instead of days. This limited time offer is available for $69.99.

2. Echo Dot: The cute little thing boasts of better quality sound than ever before and is always ready to oblige to all our whims and fancies. One simply has to ask and the speaker will do its best to come up with the most relevant answer each time. It can pair with another speaker to allow for a more comprehensive listening pleasure. The $49.99 device is available for $29.99.

3. Kindle Paperwhite + Kindle Unlimited: Amazon has also done a stupendous job with the new Paperwhite, which it claims is the thinnest and lightest it has ever been. It is waterproof too, which means it can well be a reading companion even while in the pool. And with twice the storage at either 8 GB or even 32 GB, there can never be any dearth of reading material. The limited-time offer price is reduced from $129.99 to $99.99.

4. eufy Genie Smart Speaker: The eufy smart speaker is a tiny little device though the size can be misleading. For the speaker not only impresses with its sound abilities which can fill an average sized room well enough, the integrated Alexa support ensures it can accomplish a range of tasks via voice commands. That ranges from booking a cab, ordering a pizza to reminding users to do their stuff, and everything in between just for $19.99.

5. Ultimate Ears BLAST Portable Waterproof Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker: Not only does the Alexa support endow the speaker with smart capabilities, the Ultimate Ears BLAST with its 360-degree surround sound takes things to an entirely new level. It is waterproof too, while the 12 hours of battery support makes it the perfect picnic companion for a reasonable $79.89.

6. Amazon Smart Plug: The Amazon Smart Plug can be a simple yet effective alternative to smart home hub. The built-in Alexa support allows users all the benefits associated with the smart digital assistant. The simple gadget that plugs into a socket will also allow for smart and hand-free control of multiple electrical appliances such as fans, lights and so on. Buy it for $24.99.

7. Echo Look: The Echo Look allows users to click head-to-toe-photos and video clips. These, in turn, enable the smart cam to make styling suggestions or it can also recommend other stuff from the Amazon fashion store. Makes it the perfect gift for the style conscious types. Grab the device for $99.99.

8. Fire 7 Tablet: The Fire 7 Tablet is an affordable Android tablet device with a 7-inch display along with storage options of 16 or 32 GB. The latter again can be enhanced to 512 GB using microSD cards. The tablet now comes with Alexa support as well, which is another reason to opt for the inexpensive device. The best selling Fire tablet at $49.99.

9. Echo Show 5: The new Echo Show 5 is basically an Echo smart speaker derivate which comes with a 5.5-inch display. So the device can do all that any Echo device is capable of, the added benefit here is the display which can show videos or pictures that the user asks for. The device is set for release on June 26, 2019, but can be ordered right away.

10. Echo Auto: It is a small little gadget designed to sit on your car’s dashboard and will bring in the goodness of Alexa to your car. It can communicate with the car’s speakers via Bluetooth and is able to take car specific queries. That way, it can spell out directions or help search locations and so on with help of mapping apps such as Waze, Google Maps, and Apple Maps. Now add Alexa to your car for $24.99.

11. Roav Viva by Anker: Its basically an in-car charging device but boasts of integrated Alexa support. It allows for high-speed twin charging while the Alexa support allows for basic voice command based functions such as calling, messaging and so on. It can play music, read out audio books or guide users to their destination. It is available just for $36.99


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