Amazon Prime Day is just around the corner, which means lots of savings to be made for any purchases made on the retailer’s site on July 15 and 16. Also, of course, Amazon devices too are among those that have been discounted, making this the best time to procure those.

Here is the list of Amazon devices that have been discounted owing to Prime Day sales.

Fire TV Recast: The Amazon Fire TV Recast is now up for grabs for a cool $129.99, which is a nice $100 less than the usual cost. This makes for a nice time to buy the Recast which comes across as an over-the-air DVR for recording live TV. Buyers though need to be aware the Recast can only be paired with an Amazon Fire TV unit.

Echo Smart: The second-generation Echo is on sale for $70, which is $30 less than the usual price. This makes for quite a nice deal for the full-sized Amazon smart speaker that has decent sound output besides being fully compliant with the Alexa digital assistant.

Echo Dot: The diminutive smart speaker has its price slashed by half, making it priced at just $25, which is $25 less than the normal price. This makes it the best option for those who are looking for an entry-level smart speaker for a price that is also easy on the pocket.

Kindle Oasis: The Oasis is without a doubt one of the best e-readers money can buy. Be it the superior reading experience or feature list, the Oasis is the eReader to have for those who devour on ebooks. Add to that the $50 discount available on the Oasis which makes its price to start at a cool $199, and it easily is the eReader to buy in the season.

Ring Video Doorbell: It’s one for those who take security rather seriously and are keen to add hi-tech aids to their own instincts to secure their perimeter. And the Prime Day sales is one of the best times to invest one of these given the $80 discount available on the video doorbells.

Then there is the bundle offer where the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and Echo Dot combo is on offer for a cool $169.

Fire TV: The Fire TV stick that will open up a world of online entertainment is now available for just $39.99. That isn’t all as there also is the 2 months of free HBO membership on offer as well completely free of cost.

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle: The ebook reader is one of the best out there and one that is designed for pure and unadulterated reading pleasure. And for more reason to invest in one, the Prime Day sales have brought the price down by $65 which makes the Paperwhite Essentials bundle to start at just $125.

These apart, there are several bundle deals on offer equally worth exploring. Those include a triple pack Kinde 7 which is available for just $109.97, which is $40 less than its usual price of $149.97.

Similarly, there is the second-gen Echo Dot Kids edition, where a dual pack version entails for a $30 discount.

Also, buying two-second gen Echo Show allows for a discount of $100 while two Echo Show 5 will come for $30 less. Opting for two Echo Dots is also easier on the pockets now as the same is available for $40 less owing to Prime Day sales. In much the same manner, two Echo smart speaker is also available $80 less.

Opting to buy three Amazon Cloud cams allows for a discount of $70 while buying two of these entails for a discount of $40. Amazon might also introduce new deals on its products or extend the same beyond the stipulated time. Buyers would do good to check out the Amazon site for the latest on this.


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