Amazon’s annual mid-summer sales bonanza is here and it’s raining discount on a whole host of things, some of which make excellent tech gift ideas as well. So, whether be it stuff meant for gifting others or for own personal usage, there sure aren’t any dearth of things to buys from Amazon as part of its Prime Day sales offer.

Mentioned here are ten of the most innovative yet useful tech gift ideas one can go for during Prime Day sales.

1. Kasa Smart WiFi Plug: This makes for an inexpensive way to introduce a smart-home feature in any household. The device just needs to be plugged into a socket while the accompanying app will let users control devices right from their smartphones. It’s as simple as that. The app is iOS and Android compatible too besides also supporting Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. It can be controlled via voice commands as well, thereby adding to user convenience.

2. Nintendo Switch: It’s one device that is an all-time favourite of the gaming buffs. The device needs no introduction either, it being a best seller in its segment for years now. Apart from the plethora of games available for playing, the Nintendo Switch also allows for playing games by an individual or as part of a team, thereby further enhancing its appeal. All of this makes it an ideal gifting idea for those who are looking for something entertaining but are unable to spend as much on a full-fledged console.

3. Logitech Harmony Hub: It’s one device that lets users control up to eight entertainment devices in their home at one go. That way, it serves as sort of a centralised controlling centre for multiple household devices such as the light, speaker, TV and so on. It does so by connecting with up to eight remotes along with their corresponding apps. Another nice aspect of the Logitech Harmony Hub is that it supports Alexa digital assistant and hence can respond to voice commands. Plus, it’s compatible with both Android and iOS.

4. Bluetooth Shower Speaker: It clearly is for the music buffs who crave for some music while they are at the showers. Also, of course, the speaker is fully waterproof and comes with its own sucking mechanism that enables it to be attached to any plane surface with ease. The diminutive size is again thoroughly misleading as the speaker can belt out more than decent sound with deep and rich bass. It comes with its own lighting effect that has a fade-out effect to it though it can be turned off too if so needed. Overall, it makes for quite an unusual gifting idea that is ideal for any music enthusiast.

5. Wemo WiFi Light Switch: The Wemo Light Switch can be used to replace any old-school switches at home. Doing so has multiple benefits as users can control appliance connected to the switch right from their smartphones itself. Plus, the switch is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and hence can accept voice commands as well. The switch can also pair up with the Nest and hence can detect if there is anyone at home. That way it can switch the light or fan off when not needed and so on.

6. Handsfree Call Car Charger: The looks of it could be deceiving as the device also serves as a dual-port USB charger as well as a Wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter radio as well. The device provides for a 1A and 3.1A USB charging outlet which can even identify whether it’s an Android or an iOS device being charged. When plugged into the car’s cigarette port, it can even show the car’s battery voltage too. No wonder, it makes for an excellent gift for anyone who travels a lot.

7. DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 – Crystal: One of the most unique aspects of the PS4 controller is the sort of see-through build which does seem a bit different than the rest. Sony is also claiming enhanced sensitivity which makes one have ‘absolute control’ over the game being played. It also comes with several other features such as a touchpad, an integrated light bar, as well as speaker built into it, all of which makes using the controller experience in itself.

8. Sonos Play:1 Wireless Smart Speaker: The speaker can belt out music that’s loud enough to fill an entire room. It can also be paired with other Sonos speakers to create a network of speakers in the house. It also is extremely easy to set up and start using while the small size makes it ideal for placing on just about any surface. As for its smart capabilities, the speaker is Alexa compatible and is receptive to voice commands.

9. Xbox Wireless Controller – Red: The alluring shade of red makes the Xbox Wireless Controller extremely eye-catchy. Looks aside, the controller comes with every other feature that makes Xbox controllers unique. That includes the textured grip that makes holding on to the target really easy. It supports Bluetooth technology, making it just right for pairing with Windows 10 PCs and tablet for gaming. Plus, it has double the wireless range than its predecessors as well.

10. DOSS SoundBox xs Bluetooth Speaker: The wireless speaker comes with an integrated touch interface to control music playback. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology and can pick up signals from as far away as 33-feet. The 2 x 5-watt speakers also offer a sound of amazing clarity. The diminutive yet alluring size and shape makes it ideal for use just about anywhere, or even while travelling. Another huge plus with the speaker is the 8-hours of playback time it offers and required to be charged for only 3 hours.


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