Amazon Prime day is all about discounts and an expedited delivery process. Not only do buyers get the chance to lap on to the favourite stuff at reduced prices, but there also is the Amazon promise of next day delivery as well, which means buyers have their products the very next day itself.

Good music with noise cancellation is boon for music lovers. So for those looking to buy a new headphone this season, here are four of the most promising noise cancellation headphones out there – Apple AirPod, Microsoft Surface Headphones, Sony whh900n, and Bose QuietComfort 25. Each one of these is among the bestsellers and are currently on offer for Prime members at discounted rates.

Microsoft Surface Headphones: It’s one of the best headphones one can opt for, given the crisp audio output that it is capable of. Also, the active noise cancellation tech ensures users are cocooned in an environment where it’s only the music that reigns supreme while every other noise is relegated to the distant background.

The user even has the option to adjust the noise cancellation feature with an on-ear dial. When turned on to the max, there is no outside noise coming in while it can be turned to the min just to allow users to catch up with surrounding conversations.

These apart, the headphone can also be controlled via voice commands thanks to the built-in Microsoft Cortana that’s integrated into the device. It is lightweight and comfortable to use even for long hours. The headphone also comes with useful features like its ability to pause the music when it is taken off and such. The headphone is compatible with devices running Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS.

Apple AirPods: The Apple AirPods is all about portability and ease of use. Also, the AirPods isn’t just about listening to music and such though it does excel in such a role. However, the real scope of the AirPods includes its ability to take handsfree calls besides also conversing with Siri to get stuff done. It also is easy to charge as simply placing them inside the accompanying case will be enough to recharge the same. It also gets turned on automatically when extracted from the case and gets connected seamlessly as well. However, while the AirPods allows for supreme user convenience, it is exclusive to Apple devices only and applies to only those buyers already invested on Apple devices.

Sony whh900n Hear: This lightweight headphone allow for the comfortable listening experience even in noisy areas, with the active noise cancellation tech ensuring users get to have a distraction-free listening experience. Then there also is the ambient sound mode that lets users have control over what they wish to hear. There is the Sony headphone app as well that will further allow users to fine-tune what they are listening. These apart, there are on-board controls that can also be used for easy operation of the headphones. The HD audio capability keeps the users engrossed in the music they are listening, all of which makes it one of the best noise cancellation headphones one can buy.

Bose QuietComfort: Bose headphone needs no introduction, and the Bose QuietComfort lives up to the legacy offering a complete distraction-free listening experience. That again has to do with the acoustic noise-cancelling tech that the headphone comes with which ensures users only have the music or sound they wished for and nothing else, thereby making it suitable for use just abut in any environment. The lightweight build also ensures users feel comfortable having it on for hours at a stretch. The headphone also comes in two variants, an Android version while another is built specifically for use with iOS devices.

On the whole, each headphone is champion in their own right. They all are capable of offering rich and powerful sound while keeping all external sound to the minimum. Each has its pros and cons though which again varies from individual to individual. It’s here that personal opinions come to the fore, more so for a device designed to offer a personalised listening experience.

As such, users have to weigh in their options after dealing with all the positives that each of the headphones has to offer compared to what they want.


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