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Foursquare app is coming to Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets very soon


Microsoft has officially announced that Foursquare is making its ‘first native tablet app’ and it will soon be launched on the Windows platform. It means that Foursquare has chosen Windows 8 and Windows RT as the platform on which the native app will be launched.

Microsoft made this announcement on the second day of the Microsoft BUILD conference, which in a way will definitely impress a number of consumers. Foursquare has been one of the most popular social sites and has over 35 million subscribers. Very soon, these millions of consumers will be able to check-in to the site using their Windows tablets, thanks to the newly designed native app that will give you the one of a kind experience that you have been waiting for.

To get the attention of consumers, Foursquare also showed off the app at the BUILD conference, but also said that the app is still under development. Apart from the native tablet app, Foursquare has also made its mark on the Android platform. Recently, Foursquare updated its ‘Foursquare app’ for Android in order to add support for tablets as well. Now, the app which was initially developed only for smartphones can also be used in full scale on Android tablets.

Dennis Crowley, Co-founder and CEO of Foursquare said:

“People want to experience and explore the world around them, and the Foursquare for Windows 8 app helps them do that. It makes it fun to search for a place for dinner or to go out, and helps people discover new experiences. We’ve worked with Microsoft on a bunch of initiatives over the years, and this product is another example of the great things we can do together.”

With this new move, Foursquare has made it clear that the social site wants to be present on the Windows platform in a dominant way. Foursquare wants to ensure that their consumers get the best user experience, and this new Windows app will help them do just that.

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