A recent report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that Google is working on a number of new hardware products that include a gaming console, wristwatch and TV. The report says that Google wants to develop these products in order to be able to compete against Apple.

The competition between Google and Apple is expected to get even more interesting. The two companies who currently are battling it out in the smartphone and mobile OS segment will soon start competing in a number of other segments. Google and Apple are expected to unveil a number of new and innovative products this year, and when any one of them does so, the other is expected to put forward a challenge with its own product.

Wall Street Journal also listed a number of products related to Google, which in a way will try and outperform the products offered by Apple. These products include an Android based gaming console similar to the OUYA, a compact smart device that will be wearable just like a watch and a next-gen Nexus Q that will be much better than the first-gen version.

In addition to these hardware products, Google is also expected to challenge Apple in a software battle, a segment where Apple has always had its focus. ‘It’s all software’ were the words always used by the late Steve Jobs, and very soon ‘it’s a software battle’ that will put Google and Apple head to head. The WSJ said that Google has been working on a new version of Android OS that will be fast but lightweight, and hence will be mainly used in entry-level devices like smartphones, notebook computers and even refrigerators.

On the other side, even Apple has a number of products lined up for release. The company is expected to launch iOS 7 and Mac OS X Mavericks followed by two new iPhones, one of which will be a low budget device affordable to consumers with low budgets. In a way, Google even has a lot of new stuff coming through Motorola, one of which includes the highly anticipated Motorola X Phone, but that’s a different story.