Recently, a new set of leaked images of what seems to be the Sony i1 Honami have appeared on the Internet. These new set of images are much better than the single blur image that was leaked a few days ago, and at the same show us the device from different angles.

The Sony i1 Honami has been in news for a long time now. We already know that it is expected to be the fastest and most powerful phablet ever. There have been a number of leaked spec sheets, and most of them gave out similar hardware configurations. In a way, we have a good idea about what to expect from the Sony i1 Honami, but we still don’t know what the device really looks like.

Previously there was a blur image leaked on the Internet in which we could hardly see the smartphone placed horizontally on a keyboard. Now we have a new set of images that lets us take a good look at the device, which the source claims is the Sony i1 Honami. As you can see in the images, this new device does look a lot like the Sony Xperia Z.

We made a number of important observations that help us identify the device, if not confirm that it ‘is’ the Sony i1 Honami. The device shown in the images has an aluminum body instead of the glass body present on the Xperia Z. Other important observations include a thin bezel, 3.5mm earphone jack on the top, microSD card slot on the side and a dedicated camera button. You can even see the dual LED flash that is expected to be present on the i1 Honami.

In spite of so many similarities, we are still not ready to believe that this device is the Sony i1 Honami. We aren’t saying that it is not the i1 Honami, but we suggest that you consider it with a grain of salt because there is a good chance that these images might not be the real deal. Let us know about your thoughts and reactions on the same.

Image Credit: JustAnotherMobilePhoneBlog