The year’s biggest shopping event is round the corner, and retailers are leaving no stone unturned to ensure every inch of their space yields the maximum shopping potential. So, for those who are looking for the widest segment of products that are being provided with lucrative discounts, Walmart is one of the best brick and mortar stores to be in during this time of the year.

Also, while the big day is on November 29th, it is pretty much safe to assume the sales will start much earlier than that and will last well beyond the D-Day too. Further, with the sheer volume of products on offer and the deep discounts that most are provided with, buyers would do good to have their shopping plans ready before taking the plunge. The crowds are simply crazy during the shopping days and one needs to have their plans firmed up well in advance or risk being left out of the party.

Mentioned here are some of the segments that are likely to have the best deals during Black Friday 2019. This is based on assumption as well as record as there sure is a definite pattern in the way Walmart goes about with its Black Friday retail campaign. And with the competition with arch-rivals Amazon never really subsiding, one can only expect things to be more exciting this Black Friday.

For those looking to buy the latest from Apple, Walmart can be the best place to source those. The retail giant has separate sections dedicated to Apple devices such as the iPhone or the iPad. And there usually are heady discounts offered on the iPhones and iPad devices, and/ or gift cards accompanying those as well.

The same goes for other Apple products as well, which includes the AirPods, Apple Watch (both the latest Series 5 as well as older versions such as the Series 3) and so on. Apple laptop devices such as MacBooks too are hot items during Black Friday and are much in demand during those days.

Almost every smartphone is offered at a discount during the time. These include those from rivals such as the latest Samsung Galaxy range of flagship phones as well as Google Pixel smartphones along with those from Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo and so on. However, unlocked phones aren’t usually available from Walmart, so for those looking for such will have to look elsewhere.

Apart from smartphones and tablets along with associated stuff such as headphones, speakers or external storage items and so on, gadgets such as HDTVs, robot vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, fridges too are offered on discount from the retailer. Every other household gadgets are offered at a discount during the time.

Another inherent advantage of shopping from Walmart during the time is that it has a wider product category to offer. For instance, while Amazon has inhibitions selling some Google devices, none of that exists at Walmart. What that means is one can opt to buy the Home Mini, Home Hub or the Chromecast from Walmart while Amazon is often reluctant to offer these.

Gaming consoles are another product category that is extremely popular during the season and are provided deep discounts during the time too. And there sure will be enough reasons to cheer no matter where the buyer’s inclination lies, be it the Sony PlayStation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One.

Also, the discounts aren’t just limited to the gaming consoles itself. Rather, almost everything associated with the hardware too is offered at a discount. Those include the controllers, the games itself as well as subscription services that each manufacturer offers.

Another area where Walmart is found lacking is that the retailer does not have any Amazon devices to offer. So, for those looking for Amazon devices such as the Fire TV Stick, Fire range of tablet devices, Echo range of smart speakers, Ring cameras and so on, they know where best to look for those.

On the whole, buyers who’d like to indulge in live shopping or crave to have that feeling of being in the thick of things themselves will need to head to their nearest Walmart stores. That’s not to say Walmart does not have an online presence but shopping live has its charm. And that also includes being at the location well in advance to beat the rush.


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