High productivity isn’t something that happens overnight. Whether you are working as a professional or a freelancer, boosting productivity requires several key ingredients. You want a work environment that supports productivity. At the same time, you want colleagues and resources that are also there to increase your (and the collective) productivity level.

Another ingredient that cannot be neglected is the tool you use to remain productive. There are apps and tools designed to make life as a professional or a freelancer easier, and we are going to review the best options to look at in this article.


As a collaborative platform and a way to communicate with team members, Slack is nearly unrivaled. The messaging app has grown out of its market segment. It is no longer just another text messaging app. Slack can now be utilized as a fully-featured productivity app.

For starters, Slack allows you to create channels and groups fluidly. In a corporate environment, the ability to create pods for specific projects is a huge plus. You can use taxonomies like ‘#task’ and ‘#team’ to mark channels based on their purpose.

Slack is also easy to integrate with other productivity tools. You can import and export information easily by integrating additional tools like GitHub and Google Drive. You can even utilize Slack Bots to automate certain tasks.


Good project management is essential to every productive professional and freelancer. While there are a lot of agile project management tools to use, Kanbanize is the best for a number of reasons. It allows you to be very flexible with how you organize projects and tasks.

As the name suggests, Kanbanize is based on the Kanban methodology. You get a digital Kanban board that you can customize to the last detail. You also get features like custom cards, Kanban swimlanes, and on-platform communications to make organizing projects easier.

Kanbanize isn’t just good for large teams either. Even when you are working solo as a freelancer, being able to keep track of backlogs and tasks is incredibly handy. You will not have to worry about not meeting deadlines with tasks represented visually on the Kanban board.

Google Drive

We really cannot talk about must-use productivity apps without talking about Google Drive. In fact, the entire Google ecosystem is very useful for boosting your productivity. Google Calendar can help you organize your time more meticulously, while Gmail and other tools let you communicate better.

Google Drive, however, ties everything together. It integrates seamlessly with tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets, so you can manage documents and edit them online just as easily. You even have the option to collaborate on documents directly in the cloud.

Google Drive acts as a great backup solution for work-related documents. It can be used to share files with team members and clients. With Google adding more features to Google Drive, it is not surprising to find the cloud tool very popular among professionals and freelancers alike.


There are a lot of notetaking apps to choose from. Notable is a particularly popular app among iPad users. OneNote, on the other hand, is the favorite of those who are already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem. If you are looking for a comprehensive notetaking app that works across both platforms, however, Evernote is the tool to look into.

Evernote is more than just another notetaking app. It offers a set of tools that allows you to organize information, manage notes, and organize your work in a seamless sweep. It caters to professionals and freelancers who need a quick way to capture ideas and jot down information from meetings.

Evernote’s ability to import contents from other sources is particularly handy. You can save a webpage or a design reference, add notes to it, and have Evernote organize the information for easy use in the future. The search feature is particularly handy when you have a lot of notes to go through.


The last productivity tool we are going to review is Cyfe. This isn’t just a tool for managing messages and organizing projects. Cyfe is a comprehensive business dashboard that lets you organize information from various sources.

You can integrate analytics and data from sources like Google, Shopify, Facebook, PayPal, and many others. The data will then be visualized and organized into a dashboard. This means you only need to access your custom Cyfe dashboard to get a clear view of your entire business.

The main goal of using Cyfe is to simplify business intelligence. You no longer have to access multiple platforms or tools to get a clear picture of how you are doing business-wise. More data sources will soon be added to the platform as well.

These are the right tools to use if you want to take your productivity to a whole new level. Even better, these tools work really well with each other, so it is easy to make your entire workflow more seamless and efficient while boosting productivity.


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