Black Friday frenzy is at its peak and companies are leaving no stone unturned to woo buyers. And what can be the biggest bait than to offer lucrative discounts and other such offers. Amazon too is at the forefront when it is about offering heady discounts, freebies and all on almost all its products.

Mentioned here are some of the most lucrative offers that is simply too irresistible to miss.

All New Fire HD 10 tablet: It’s the latest and the best tablet Amazon has to offer, complete with a 10-inch HD display. Top it off with a host of attractive colors to choose from and it’s a full-fledged tablet that buyers can opt for, all for just $99.99. That’s 50 grand less than its usual price of $149.99. There is one catch though, it’s not an Android tablet so to speak, given that it runs Amazon’s Fire OS that is based on Android. As such, users don’t get access to the Google Play Store but there sure is Amazon’s app store to fall back on, and it is quite expansive too, if not of the same scale as that of the Play Store.

Fire HD 8 tablet + Kindle Unlimited: Lower down the order is the Fire HD 8 tablet which comes with a slightly lower display size of 8-inches. Everything else with the tablet remains that same as its bigger counterpart, which includes build quality, and user experience and so on. Price is an equally alluring $49.99, down from its usual price of $79.99.

0 The new Fire 7 is the smallest in the Fire family of tablets Amazon has to offer, one that also is the cheapest too. For the new Fire 7 comes for a measly $29.99 a pop, which makes it one of the cheapest entry-level tablet ones can buy at the moment. It otherwise costs $49.99, which again is cheap enough. The tablet also has all the qualities of its other tablet stablemates, save for a non-HD display.

Echo Show 5: It’s the smallest Echo smart speaker with a built-in display (5-inch dimension) and is available for just $49.99 a pop, down from its usual price of $89.99.

Echo Dot(3rd gen): The diminutive smart speaker may be small in dimension but can pull off all that its bigger siblings are capable of. Sure its speaker abilities are limited given its small dimensions but at $22 apiece (from its usual price of $59.99) it also is the cheapest around.

Amazon smartplug: The smart little thing can plug into any standard outlet but comes integrated with Alexa support. That makes it receptible to voice commands so that anything connected via it can be controlled via voice commands too. And at $4.99 a pop, it’s almost a steal! It otherwise is sold for $24.99.

Amazon Fire Stick 4K: The remote with built-in Alexa support allows for hand-free operations via voice commands, thereby allowing for superior user experience. What’s more, its 4K enabled too, letting users make the most of Ultra HD resolution. The retailers have also halved the price of the Fire Stick, priced as it is for $24.99 from its usual price of $49.99.

New Kindle Paperwhite: It all started with the humble Kindle ebook readers at Amazon and its least surprising the retailer is offering festive discounts on the latest Kinde Paperwhite as well. Prices have come down to $84.99 from the usual $129.99 for the handy ebook reading devices.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Echo 5: Amazon offers a range of security devices thanks to its acquisition of Ring, a manufacturer of smart home security devices. With the Video Doorbell Pro that works in conjugation with the Echo 5, users will have the option of getting to see who is at the front door and act accordingly. All of it comes for $189 to enhance one’s home security, which is a lot less compared to the $328.99 that the pair otherwise costs.

Ring Indoor HD Security Cam: The deal comprises of a pair of the security cam that enables users to keep an eye on the proceedings in the vicinity where the cam is placed. And its priced a cool $99.99, down from its usual price tag of $119.99.

All of the above sums up Amazon’s offering of its own devices during Black Friday. As is evident, there is plenty to save and a lot to gain.


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