Black Friday is here and so are the discounts and freebies. In fact, retailers have gone overboard with their respective offerings, so much that it can be a hard time making sense of it all. So for those out to buy a streaming device and are finding it tough to come across the best deals, here’s a help. For, mentioned here is a compilation of the deals some of the best retailers are offering on Black Friday 2019.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with all-new Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player: Its the base Fire TV streaming device on offer from Amazon, one that also is the cheapest as well. However, the biggest advantage here is that it comes bundled with the Alexa voice remote, which makes it super easy for users to watch their favorite shows. As instead of making their way through the various app and setting, users just have to speak out what they wish to see. Alexa will handle the rest.

Amazon: $19.99

Best Buy: $19.99 ($39.99)

Walmart: Not available

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with all-new Alexa Voice Remote Streaming Media Player: This happens to be the same Fire TV streaming device but with the added advantage of it being 4K enabled. That makes for a lot of pixels to light up the display but for a slight premium.

Amazon: $24.99 ($49.99)

Best Buy: $24.99 ($49.99)

Walmart: Not available

Amazon – Fire TV Cube 16GB 2nd Gen Streaming Media Player: This just isn’t a streaming device but a smart speaker too, one that draws its capabilities from Alexa. So, users not only get to stream their favorite shows via voice commands, but the Fire TV Cube can also accomplish a lot of tasks what an Alexa powered smart speaker is capable of. That includes dimming the light, getting the latest weather report or other news and so on. What’s more, its 4K enabled too.

Amazon: $89.99 ($119.99)

Best Buy: $89.99 ($119.99)

Walmart: Not available

Roku SE: The streaming device from Roku allows for streaming of HD quality content and comes with an HDMI cable as part of the package.

Amazon: $28

Best Buy: Not available

Walmart: $18

Roku – Streaming Stick+ 4K Streaming Media Player with Voice Remote with TV Controls: The streaming stick from Roku can stream a variety of shows via different apps while the 4K capability ensures the visuals are just stunning. It is compatible with a wide range of TVs while the voice compatibility opens up new levels of user convenience.

Amazon: $44

Best Buy: $29.99 ($49.99)

Walmart: $29.00

Roku – Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player with JBL Headphones and Enhanced Voice Remote: Users get to have all the benefits of the Roku streaming device with the bundled JBL headphones no doubt being the cherry on the cake.

Amazon: $69.95

Best Buy: $49.99 ($99.99)

Walmart: $48 ($99.99) + 3 months free trial of Hulu and Pandora

Google – Chromecast (Latest Model) Streaming Media Player: The entry-level Chromecast is compatible with a variety of TV, laptops and other iOS and Android devices. The device also supports a wide range of apps, which translates to a plethora of shows that users can watch. What’s more, the Chromecast is voice-enabled too.

Amazon: $35

Best Buy: $25.00 ($35.00)

Walmart: $25.00

Google – Chromecast Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player: This provides all the benefits of the base Chromecast while having the added advantage of being 4K compatible.

Amazon: $69.99

Best Buy: $49.99 ($69.99)

Walmart: $49.99

Apple TV 4K: Last but definitely not the least is the Apple streaming device which allows for viewing a wide collection of shows and events along with Apple’s own media creations. The Apple TV 4K also enjoys easy compatibility across almost the entire range of Apple devices as well as almost all other TVs as
well. It being 4K compatible, users can expect sharp and crisp images unlike any other.

Amazon: $199 (no discount)

Best Buy: $169.99

Walmart: $169 ($199)


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