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Apple iOS 7 Beta 3 to be released on 8th of July

iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 beta 3 is expected to be released on 8th of July, and is expected to be available to developers as well as carriers on the same day. It seems that Apple is still on schedule and is properly following its two-week cycle for Apple iOS 7 beta releases.

According to a report from BGR, Apple is expected to release the beta 3 version of Apple iOS 7 on 8th of July. Once released, the iOS 7 beta 3 version will be available for developers as well as carriers for testing purposes. BGR said that it had received this information from an inside source who has been actively involved in providing accurate and timely information about iOS 7.

Even though the source said that the iOS 7 beta 3 version will be made available to carriers for testing purposes, it is also being said that Apple might make this beta 3 version available for iOS developers. If this does happen, then along with carriers, even developers will be able to get their hands on the latest version of iOS 7, and might be able to provide useful feedback to Apple.

Apple originally rolled out the beta version of iOS 7 that only had support for the Apple iPhone. Some days down the line, Apple rolled out the beta 2 version of iOS 7 with support for iPad and a number of other improvements and features. Now, with Apple iOS 7 beta 3, we expect to see a number of new features and improvements along with an improved overall design. This new beta version will have support for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.

Since the time Apple officially unveiled the iOS 7, the company has been working hard to improve and refine the design of iOS 7. As a result of the same, we expect to see a much better and aesthetically appealing design once Apple iOS 7 beta 3 is officially released.

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