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Sony i1 Honami will have a 20MP camera, System dump confirms the same


The Sony i1 Honami is expected to be best cameraphone from Sony that will be equipped with a 20MP camera. A system dump that was leaked on the Internet a few days ago has confirmed this information.

Yes, the Sony i1 Honami ‘will’ have a 20MP camera, and this has been confirmed by the system dump that was leaked on the Internet. The good news is that the 20MP camera is not the only interesting feature present on the device. According to the information provided by the system dump, this camera will be able to do a lot more than what we expected.

As mentioned earlier, the system dump has already confirmed that the Sony i1 Honami will have a 20MP camera that will be able to capture images at an extremely high resolution of 5248×3936 pixels. In addition to being an excellent camera, the 20MP sensor will also work as an excellent camcorder. This is because Sony has added a new ‘Super Resolution algorithm’ that will enable it to record videos at 4K resolutions (4000×2000 pixels).

Images credits: XDA-Developers

The system dump spotted on the Internet is said to have come from a Canadian version of the device, which had the model number C6906. Technically, we are not yet sure if the C6906 is the model number for the Sony i1 Honami, but we do know that the device is going to be unveiled very soon and will be a part of the latest Sony Xperia lineup.

With that being said, the only device we can really think of right now is the Sony i1 Honami. We have already come across a number of leaked images and specs sheets, all of which indicated that the Sony i1 Honami would have a 20MP sensor backed up by a bag full of camera and lens technologies.

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