After two months of testing, users can now install the final version of Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8. The application was available in beta since April, and has been completely redesigned based on the feedback received. It now offers a better user experience with the addition of several new features.

Judging by the first comments posted on the Windows Phone Store, it seems that Microsoft has done a good job. Reportedly, the Windows Phone 7.x version of the app will come during the summer.

Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8
Image credit: Windows Phone Store

Facebook only develops apps for iOS and Android, off course due to their large market share. Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8 is exclusively made by Microsoft and still has a similar design to the app available on competing platforms.

In Facebook 5.0 for Windows Phone 8, the users will not find the classic Modern interface panels as it now has a consistent design across all platforms. The Redmond giant has improved several aspects including browsing, post sharing and the timeline with support for high-resolution images.

A swipe to the right moves you to the navigation bar that follows the layout of the web version with the Favorites, Groups and pages section while swipe to the left shows the chat.

Even after the final release, Microsoft will continue to work on the Facebook Beta app to allow users to “preview and provide direct feedback on future changes to the app.”


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