Epic Games sues Google after the tech giant banned the company from Google Play Store. A couple of hours before that, they had taken legal action against Apple for the same reason. Both tech companies banned Epic Games because the company tried to avoid giving the share of the sales to Google and Apple. The companies take 30% of purchases of the apps from their platforms. Google says they would work to bring Fortnite back to the app store. Android offers the app stores other than Google Play store, such as the Samsung Galaxy app store, however, Apple is stricter.

The confrontation started when Fortnite’s latest update included a 20 % discount for V-bucks, the game’s currency, but if the users would pay Epic Games directly and avoid using Google’s or Apple’s payment system. Neither Google nor Apple allows this. On August 13, Apple deleted the game from its app store. The users could not download and install the game anymore. Epic Games was ready to strike back. First, they released a video making fun of Apple’s Macintosh commercial from 1984, based on George Orwell’s 1984. They also published the court documents. It took only a couple of hours after that for the game to disappear from the Google Play store as well.

Google’s new smartphone is perfect for gaming

Meanwhile, Google continues releasing new phones. The company’s new phone, Pixel 4A will offer a variety of choices whether it’s the screen size or prices. New Smartphone will be featured with the powerful processor. Over the years, top-tier brands were trying to compete with exclusive features. The new processor will be an exclusive offer from Google (any phone mentioned here). A-level processor means that games or any apps running on Smartphones won’t have any issues. Actually it’s good news for gamers. The new processor will be a big help not only for regular gaming apps but also for iGaming platforms.

Digital casino lovers are now playing their favorite games on their smartphones. During the lockdowns, traditional casino brands focused more on smart casino apps and platforms. As the traditional casino buildings were closed, online live casino trends became popular. Live casinos have dealers and give the players a different taste of online gaming. Live casino games are perfect for players who want to compete and win in any circumstances. On the new smartphone, gamers can play casino live online without interruptions. Experts believe that processor updates will set new standards in mobile gaming.

Light at the end of the tunnel? “Play store” V “Epic Game”

Epic Game did not mock Google in any way, but still took the legal action against the company. Epics Game tweeted that Fortnite was removed from Google Play Store and that they would further update the public. US court records show that Epic Games is suing Google and Apple in California. The main part of the complaint concerns the 30% share of sales that the companies take. The document says that Google is trying to monopolize the market by restricting the innovations, customers, and is using the powers only to its advantage.  The document highlights that Google’s motto was once “don’t be evil”. The Phone-maker OnePlus deal is set as an example for a deal that Epic Games has made with the company. The document further states that Google is concerned with the Epic Games’ potential to update the game without Google Play Store. Because of their agreement, LG had also found it difficult to add Epic Games to its devices.