The Control Panel that we have known for long might well be on the way out. For as per the latest report on this, Microsoft is contemplating bringing the curtains down on what can be considered one of the most iconic features of the Windows platform over the years.

Instead, it is the Setting app that is being pitched as the replacement. The development should not come entirely as a surprise. The Control Panel has long ceased to be in the limelight in the new Windows 10 scheme of things, with Setting occupying the CenterStage. The new Settings app is also far more accessible and is put forth as a modern replacement of the Control Panel of yore.

However, while there was mutual existence for both so far, things are shaping out to favour Setting with the Windows 10 October 2020 update. As Windows Latest mentioned, Microsoft has confirmed users won’t get to see the System page in the Control Panel post the update. Rather, it is the ‘About’ page under System > Settings app that users are being redirected to if they try accessing the ‘System’ section under Control Panel.

That also should not make for an earth-shattering development either as anything that the Control Panel offers can well be accomplished via Settings as well. The latter is also more touch friendly, one of the prime requisites in this age of touch-based computing, besides having a more appealing visual and functionality as well.

With the Control Panel, it served as a link of sorts between the new-gen Windows 10 and the more traditional form of Windows prevalent in the past. That makes it to have a huge nostalgic value to the long-term Windows users though the new generation might as well prefer getting things done via the Settings app itself.

Apart from nostalgia, the Control Panel was also liked for its simple no-frills functionality. No wonder, it emerged as the first stop for those who’d prefer tinkering with their Windows setup and it is this lot that would be sorely missing the feature in the coming days.