Microsoft is in the process of adding a smart new feature to Teams which experts believe can make the video conferencing platform’s popularity zoom past its rivals, which includes, among others, the Zoom. The new feature is all about the ability to add or link multiple Teams platform so that they all can be operated simultaneously from a single profile.

This can make for a world of difference for those who have several Teams account either by virtue of their position within the same company or due to their allegiance to different companies. All that they need to do will be to add or link the different accounts. This way, they will be saved from having to log out and log in back to the individual accounts. Having different profile pictures will only make it easy to keep a tab on the different accounts.

However, that isn’t the only new feature Microsoft is testing for its Teams application. Another way the service is being enhanced is where users will be able to create custom pages. As Windows Latest stated, those can be to either make your profile stand out of the crowd or to have the same theme as that of the company.

Yet another feature that too is being tested is that of the invite link that has been enhanced to allow those who have been invited in a meeting to have access to the chats, files, and notes even after the meeting is over. This would make for a marked change over the current norm where invited users are not able to see the contents shared during a meeting after it is over.

None of the above mentioned features have been released as yet though that is set to change by the end of this year or early next. However, testers will surely have access to the upcoming features earlier than the rest. Meanwhile, there also is the plan to increase the limit of chat participants to 1000, which will be a boon for large companies that have thousands of employees.