The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 that got listed on eBay a few days back is proving to be a goldmine of credible information that you’d ever want to know about the upcoming convertible device. As things have shaped up in the preceding days, the said Surface Pro 8, which in reality is just a prototype device has been bought by a Reddit user identified as unreliable_noob.

Now, the one thing that is immediately perceptible with the Surface Pro 8 is that it is going to sport the same basic design as that of the Surface Pro 7. That isn’t overtly bad though some have been expecting a thinner bezel this time, if not an entirely bezel-less design altogether.

The Surface Pro displays were attractive when first introduced though the trend has slowly moved to adopt designs where the bezel is done away with, or markedly reduced. In such a scenario, if the upcoming Surface Pro 8 came with an unchanged look, that sure is going to disappoint many. But then again, this is just a prototype unit, which means there sure are chances of the final thing to be different. Meanwhile, the Thunderbolt 3 port is missing too.

Moving over to the interiors, the prototype unit came powered by the Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor that is coupled to a range-topping 32 GB of RAM and 1 TB of Samsung SSD storage. That sure is a lot of processing firepower to suit even the most demanding of scenarios. What’s more, there has been a matching upgrade for the battery as well, which has gone up to 50,030 mAh on the prototype, up from the 45,000 mAh that we find on the Surface Pro 7. The display again is unchanged at 12.3-inches.

Another interesting revelation that the Reddit user has to share is the benchmarks of the device. That came to a respectable ‘good’ rating with the World of Tanks benchmark with settings set at medium and resolution kept at 1080p. In Novabench, the device returned scores of 2,180 while the individual scores being at 1,273 for the CPU, 411 for the GPU, 312 for the RAM, and 184 being the Disk score.

As for the expected launch schedule, that likely is during the spring of 2021.