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How the Microsoft Surface Pro X benefits from Apple’s M1 powered MacBook


Microsoft had set off on an entirely new path with its new Surface Pro X launched just days back. And it is different from the bunch of other Surface devices out there in that the Pro X is built around an ARM chip. The benefits to such an architecture are many, which includes almost instantaneous start-up times as well as better battery back-up, to name a few.

Another development rocked the tech world recently, the launch of the new line of MacBook devices powered by the Apple Silicon chips, which again are based on the ARM architecture. However, Apple has a different approach with its choice of processor. The ARM-based M1 processor popularly known as the Apple Silicon is going to be standard for its entire line of computing devices henceforth.

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro X is fine from the hardware point of view though issues crop up once we move beyond that to the software side of the story. For it is here that the somewhat harsh reality crops up, which is the lack of enough of the essential apps that can natively run on the device.

The best that Microsoft is promising at the moment is that there is going to be an emulation software that would make the software to run on the ARM platform. However, that would make for the ‘next’ best solution rather than ‘the’ best solution. For there obviously is going to be a dip in both performance and battery life if the software is made to run via an emulation software.

In contrast, Microsoft is committing just one Surface device to an ARM processor. However, it still stands to gain from Apple’s move. Since Apple is committing its entire line of Mac devices to transition to an ARM based processor, that is reason enough for developers to be attracted into developing apps for the upcoming range of Macs.

And with a sizeable number of developers working on Apple devices, no doubt the Surface Pro X too will have a lot to gain as well than what it would have been had Apple not move on to an ARM based processor for its future computing platforms.

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