A new report by Mayank Parmar of Windows Latest further reiterates what has been doing the rounds already for some time, that the upcoming Surface Pro and Surface Laptop devices won’t have a noticeable change to their external design though the internals are going to upgraded significantly using the latest Intel and AMD chipsets.

For instance, the Surface Pro is widely speculated to come powered by the latest Intel Tiger Lake processor, while the Surface Laptop will have both Intel and AMD versions. As the Geekbench 5 database revealed, a Microsoft device having the code name ‘OEMWY’ point to the Surface Pro 8 or the Surface laptop 4 likely having the Intel Tiger Lake CPU – Core i7-1185G7 under the hood.

Similarly, a Surface Laptop 4 variant having codename OEMGR ORMGR and Product Name DV will come powered by the AMD Renoir. Meanwhile, experts opine the continued reliance on the old design for the forthcoming iterations has to do with the basic necessity for the Intel CPU. Since they produce quite a bit of heat, the device will need more vents and a powerful fan to dissipate the accumulated heat. Hence the chunky shape of the older generation Surface Pro units still being retained.