Chinese company Honor announced it has entered into a global co-operation partnership with Microsoft which allows them the use of the latter’s Windows 10 OS for its future laptop devices. The agreement that would be in effect for a decade from now will lead to the roll-out of a new range of laptop devices running Windows 10 OS.

The first of such devices is expected to be the Honor notebook MagicBook Pro powered by an Intel Core i5 chip and is slated to launch in the domestic market in China around January 2021. It will then see a global launch in the subsequent months though no fixed launch window for the same is available as yet.

The agreement is crucial for Honor as this marks the first partnership with an American firm post its independence from Huawei. Honor said it is eyeing more such partnership with foreign companies including Qualcomm for the supply of critical hardware and software components which it hopes will ease its supply chain issues.

Huawei had earlier in November disposed of the Honor brand to a consortium of Chinese agents and dealers. This was after the imposition of sanctions imposed on Huawei that made it virtually impossible for the Chinese company to do business with any American tech firm.

However, with Honor getting a separate identity post its breakoff from Huawei, things seem to be getting back to normalcy. Honor branded smartphones used to be a revered lot since it was first introduced back in 2013. However, it is not known if or when it plans to launch smartphones again as it charts a new course in its new avatar.