Microsoft has introduced some new features to its Office apps for the iOS platform. That includes enabling the Excel app to support multi-window mode. Apart from this, the update also enables mouse and trackpad interaction support for the Word app. The multi-window mode is already available on the Word apps for iOS.

With the multi-window mode for Excel, the app will now be able to open two or more documents at the same time. Users will also be able to interact with two Excel spreadsheets simultaneously. For instance, two spreadsheets can be placed alongside for, say making calculations and such.

As of now, users can connect a mouse or a trackpad to the iPad. This makes it easy to make selections or click on any buttons on the Word app, thereby making it a lot easier to get things done. Also of course the trackpad on the new Magic keyboard can also be used to interact with the Word app.

The PowerPoint app, meanwhile, has been updated to include a Presenter Coach. This serves as a means to provide feedback which in turn will help users to make even better presentations. The multi-window mode or mouse support is yet to be made available on the PowerPoint app. Microsoft has been providing the update to the three Office apps on iOS in a phased manner and it is likely the above updates will make it to PowerPoint sometime soon.