Microsoft has joined hands with Cruise and General Motors with the aim of bringing self-driving vehicles to the mainstream. The new-found partnership will look for ways to introduce self-driving cars in the market on a commercial scale, which, it said will make for a safer and better mode of transportation that is easily accessible to all.

Each of the companies will be offering their respective expertise on a software and hardware scale to achieve faster commercialization of battery-powered self-driving Cruise vehicles. GM is also hoping to launch at least 30 new electric vehicles by 2025, a mode of transport that is believed to drive the future of the automobile industry in the new century.

Towards that, Cruise will be relying heavily on the Microsoft cloud and edge computing platform, Azure. By doing so, Cruise will be looking to put to commercial usage the autonomous vehicle solution designed and developed by it, in the most cost and time-efficient manner. For those not in the knowing, Cruise happens to be the subsidiary of General Motors that deals exclusively with autonomous cars.

In a broader sense, the collaboration also boils down to GM using Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure for its machine learning and AI computing requirements. These apart, GM will also look forward to leveraging the digital supply chain and with Microsoft’s help, increase its productivity in the process.