It has just been September last year that Apple had launched its first online store in India. And maybe that was exactly what that buyers in the country might have been waiting for. Or what else could explain the sudden burst in sales of the iPhone in India, which has traditionally been loath to spend big bucks on Apple devices?

In any case, as a Counterpoint research report stated, it has been more than 3.2 million iPhone devices have been shipped in India in 2020. All of that is reflected in the country’s Apple market share that just doubled from 2 percent to 4 percent in the last quarter. That is quite impressive in a region where budget smartphones rule the roost. The most popular models have tuned out to be the iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone SE 2020, and the iPhone XR.

The launch of the Apple Store infused a sort of personal touch to the way Apple devices are purchased in the country. For instance, buyers get to engage with specialists to zero in on the right product suited to them. Then there is the Apple trade-in program as well, along with Apple Support to deal with all issues you may have with the Apple devices.

Apple has also recently been emphasizing on local manufacturing of its iPhone devices in India to bring costs down. As it is, it is the mid-range smartphone segment that drives the volumes in India and is typically priced at less than $200. In contrast, the iPhone 12 Pro Max costs more than $1,700 in the country, which is significantly higher than what it costs even in the US.

Apple, meanwhile, is all set to announce its earnings call for Q1 2021 soon.