Finding the right candidate for your company can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Though there are surely hoards of candidates out there who are qualified for your position, the right candidate has more than an exhaustive list of qualifications. A good candidate is one who will blend in seamlessly and stick around a while.

We know what you’re thinking: “How do I find them?” Worry not! We’re here to help. Read on for 5 key qualities to look for in a job candidate.

They’re Organized

The first quality to suss out in a job candidate is whether or not the candidate is organized and on it. You may be wondering how to tell without working with them first. The fact is, there are plenty of indicators of a candidate’s organizational skills.

Look at the nitty-gritty of your interactions. Did the candidate submit all of the requested materials? What did they name their resume file? Did they show up to the interview on time? Did they bring a hard copy of their resume? Did they bring a notebook and something to write with? All of these things can indicate to you whether a candidate is organized, or whether they’re scrambling to keep it together.

They’re Hardworking

A hardworking candidate is an invaluable resource to your team. They’re willing to go the extra mile and will put in the work in order to get things done. They’ll help grow your team and will do so effectively. A hardworking employee is essential to your bottom line.

In order to discern whether a candidate’s hardworking, figure out whether they’ve done their research on your company. Ask questions that will indicate they’ve put the work in to decide whether they’re a right fit for your role, and you’re a right fit for them. You can also look to their application to help decide. Did they send a generic intro email or cover letter, or did they spend the time to personalize it to your company and role?

They’re Passionate

A passionate candidate is easy to spot. They’ve got a genuine smile on their face, a sparkle in their eye, and are truly excited to be speaking with you. A passionate candidate asks relevant questions that show they’re thinking critically about the role. They bring new ideas to the table and backs them up with their relevant experience.

There’s one thing that’s for certain about passion: it’s pretty hard to fake. Go with your instinct on this one. You’ll know passion when you see it.

They Fit Your Culture

If you want a candidate who will last with your company, you need to interview for culture in the same way that you interview for job skills.

Every company has its own culture. Some workplaces are quiet, “put your head down and work” type environments; others are lively and social. Some operate on a 9-5 schedule; others function on a “leave when you get your work done” basis.

Just like every company has its own culture, every candidate has their own working style. An employee that prefers silence simply won’t thrive in a social company, whereas a social employee will have a hard time fitting in with a quiet workplace.

In order to ensure your candidate will fit with your company’s culture, it’s a good idea to have them interview with several of their prospective team mates. These folks will have a better idea of the day-to-day happenings in the office and may have greater insight as to whether the candidate seems like they’ll mesh. You can also ask references about what the candidate’s demeanor was like in prior workplaces and use that to decide whether they’re a good fit culture-wise.

No matter who you interview, always perform a pre employment background check prior to sending the candidate an offer. This will protect you from any unpleasant surprises in the candidate’s past and ensure you’re hiring the person you think you are.