Microsoft had gone to town claiming how its newest gaming console, the Xbox Series X is the most powerful console it has ever built. While there might not be any doubt with the above, the problem is there just aren’t enough of the consoles that one can buy at the moment.

One shouldn’t be too surprised by this, though, considering that the Covid-19 induced pandemic has wreaked havoc with all schedules worldwide. The supply chain has been disrupted, which has led to a severe scarcity of essential components. All of this has made it harder for Microsoft to stick to its delivery commitments with the Xbox Series X consoles.

In fact, so severe has been the disruptions that things aren’t expected to get back to normal until at least June this year. This has been revealed by the head of investor relations at Microsoft, Mike Spencer, who said they don’t see things easing off until the middle of this year.

This is further deterioration over earlier schedules wherein Microsoft had expected things to become normal by April 2021. Apart from the shortage of critical components, scalpers too have added to the problem, trying to cash in on the situation where demand is sky-high while supply remains thin. This has led to a steep price hike for whatever stock is currently available.

Even CEO of AMD, Lisa Su, had sounded a warning claiming that it could take almost a year for things to settle down all over again for business to reach the same levels as it was prevailing before the pandemic struck. Going by that metric, things are not expected to improve for most of 2021. What that means is, buyers will have to sit out for most of 2021 or will have to splurge more for new devices.

Worth mentioning, Sony too, is facing a similar situation and is struggling to keep up with the demand for its latest PlayStation 5 consoles. The result is long waiting times and is expected to stretch even further with no signs of supply chain issues getting eased off anytime soon.