The Surface Pro 8 was what everyone had thought Microsoft will launch in 2020. However, that was not to be though word on the street is that the next-gen Surface Pro model is in-line for a launch later in the year, probably during the fall season itself.

Also, it could be a new Surface Pro 8 coming our way, one that has a more refined design in the form of thinner bezels along the sides of the same sort as the Surface Pro X. On the inside, expect the latest Intel chips though it remains to be seen whether it is going to be the Tiger Lake chips or the upcoming Alder Lake processors that would render service. In any case, the new Surface convertible could sport 32 GB of memory and 2 TB of SSD storage on the top model.

All of this will no doubt add some fresh appeal to the Surface Pro 8 which has started to look dated already. Microsoft had launched a new Surface iteration which is named the Surface Pro 7+. However, that happens to be the same as the Surface Pro 7 but with enhanced internal hardware like the addition of Intel Tiger Lake chips. Everything else remains the same though Microsoft chose to make the Surface Pro 7+ available only to the business community.

What that means is there is no Surface Pro variant powered by the latest Intel processors for usage by the general public. Under the circumstances, rumors of the Surface Pro 8 arriving during the fall season does hold water as this will be for those who’d like to upgrade over the standard Surface Pro 7.

More details awaited on this. Keep watching.