Apple iPhone 13 rumors continue to stream in and the latest that we have here is something that none should have any qualms about. The rumor claims the upcoming iPhone 13 will mark the return of the fingerprint sensor that ceased to be part of the iPhone feature list since the advent of the iPhone X.

Now, while the fingerprint sensor is all set to make a comeback on the iPhone 13, it will be sitting underneath the front display this time. This, if true, will make for an interesting development as Apple had harped on how much more advanced the Face ID tech is compared to Touch ID.

That said, we have seen the limitations of Face ID during the pandemic when the technology proved to be a dud with the face mask on. Apple had earlier stated they are working on ways to improve Face ID to ensure effective user identification even when the user is wearing a mask. Such efforts seem to have fallen flat as the company is now falling back on its other security option, Touch ID.

If true, this will also mark the first iPhone version ever to come with an under-screen fingerprint scanner. We have had Touch ID before but those have largely been embedded within the front Home button. As such, an under-screen fingerprint scanner-enabled iPhone 13 will no doubt make for a huge appeal to buyers.

Meanwhile, the other rumor doing the round of the tech streets is one that is also related to the first one, that of the notch getting scaled-down in size. This too will be a huge welcome for almost all as this will mark the first major redesign effort with the iPhone. The past few iterations have been almost identical while the expansive notch too had started to become an eyesore. The notch is going to be reduced by tightly integrating the various sensors and lighting systems placed there which powers face ID tech.

More on this in the coming months as we approach the iPhone launch window, which usually is during the fall season.