The Surface Duo was clearly among the more interesting smartphone devices to come our way. That was largely due to its unique design that accommodated dual displays. It comes with a lot of software improvisations as well and the one that caught the fancy of most is its ability to run two apps simultaneously on the two displays.

While it’s true there was still a lot that left to be desired with the Surface Duo, which includes a less than stellar software experience, it sure was among the more popular smartphone devices out there. However, a high price tag – $1,399 – put off many a prospective buyer though things definitely are far better at the moment. For Wellbots is now selling the phone for just $899.

The above applies to the Surface Duo version with 128 GB of storage and is compatible with the Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile networks. The same with 256 GB of storage will set you back a cool $999. Now those are the prices that can fetch you the latest Android flagship phones though the obvious benefit with the Microsoft offering is its dual-screen layout.

Among the other positives of the Surface Duo include its battery life, decent levels of performance along with superb design. However, camera performance is too ordinary and is nowhere close to what the current crop of flagships can offer. Also, with the latest Android flagships running the Snapdragon 888 chipset, the Surface Duo is still stuck with the Snapdragon 855.

So, if you are still yearning for a dual-screen Android smartphone that boasts of a robust build, has decent levels of performance, and offers some smart software improvisations which include the ability to run two independent apps on two screens, the Surface Duo can be your best bet. Now, with the price coming down sharply, it suddenly is within the reach of many as well.